Hacker Gadgets

Proxmark3 V3.0 – $90

Copy RFIG tags, access cards (Mifare, HID, etc.). Never let a badge stop you from accessing the building. Ideal for physical pentesting. Tutorial


PI Zero starting kit – $39.99

Small portable computer. Plug it somewhere and get a full functionning KALI inside any network. Practical case in How to Hack Like a GOD


HackRF One – $256.31

Open your neighbour’s garage, shut down its IOT light bulbs, etc. Multiusage device to listen, replay and inject traffic into any radio device (great for playing with IOT). Tutorial


BadUSB Beetle ATMEGA32U4 – $8.20

Acts as a keyboard and types in commands to execute any payload. Plug it and enjoy a reverse shell on computers. Tutorial for setting up payload.


Lockpicking toolset – $8.98

Complete set of tools to open almost any lock


Lockpicking Practice toolset – $39.99

Transparent locks to practice your lockpicking technique


Keyllama 4MB USB Keylogger – $55.50

Physical USB keylogger