How to Investigate Like a Rockstar – $6.99

This book describes in detail such an incident inspired by real life events, from the first doubtful call made by a bank to the height of tension caused by preliminary forensic analysis. We will go as deep as memory analysis, perfect disk copy, threat hunting and data carving while sharing insights into real crisis management.


How to Hack Like a Pornstar – $6.99

We will set up a fake – but realistic enough – target and go in detail over the main steps to pwn the company: building phishing malware, finding vulnerabilities, rooting Windows domains, pwning a mainframe, etc.


How to Hack Like a GOD – $6.99

Follow me on a step-by-step journey where we pwn a high luxury (albeit fictitious) brand. From zero initial access to remotely recording board meetings, we will detail every custom script and technique used in this attack, drawn from real-life findings, to paint the most realistic picture possible.
(Previously published as How to Hack a Fashion Brand)


Ultimate Guide for Being Anonymous – $2.99

There are many books on how to be anonymous online with tips that may work to some extent. However, these techniques will do you no good against an active investigator tracking you down following a nasty hack. There is a mindset to have as well as a series of practical precautions to take when you want to completely disappear off the grid.


Ultimate Hacking Challenge – $9.99

This is not your regular hacking book. Hell, some might say it is not even a book. This is a training program for aspiring hackers that provides dedicated access to real machines with real flaws for 24 hours straight. Check it out here


Hack the Planet series – $19.99